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Facebook connect and 8 more updates !

on Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:25 am
8 new updates for your translators

Hi everyone,

Translations Cloud is glad to announce some cool new stuffs for you: 8 new little #improvements for our client area    
We worked very hard to fix all the current bugs and to improve our service, our performances, etc..

but don't worry, we haven't finished yet... Updates & announcements are just at the very beginning    

Let's start with them!

1. Choose your favourite languages

Administrators can now see a new section in their dashboard menu under the Modules tab:

This new section called "languages" will contain 2 new features.

The first feature "Choose your favourite language" will allow you to choose which languages will be displayed in important places, for example under the exportation menu. Thanks to this option you can hide the languages you are not interested in, and highlight the important ones for your projects.

2. Popup for new modifications

This new feature, available from the same tab Modules > Languages will allow you to see which languages will require an update if you decide to change the default language.
If you change the default language, you may want to inform your translators to update their own translations: this #feature will tell you who you should inform.

3-4. Facebook & Twitter connect

Here comes one of the amazing updates we are working on!  Like a Star @ heaven  I love you

Thanks to Facebook & Twitter Connect you will be able to link your social profiles and log-in your account without writing username and password all the time !
You can find some dedicated tutorials after/below the screenshots

 See Facebook connect tutorial
  See Facebook twitter tutorial

5. New brand design

Most of this updates are related to performance, bug fixes and new layout!
Now you can save our support forum and website pages on your devices... and have an amazing icon available on your devices  

6. Re-designed translation team tab

Of course we re-designed some of our internal pages.. and we can start with the translation team page with a new and fresh #design

7. New layout for pending, updated translations with your own languages

We re-designed the pages dedicated for projects/language selection during the translation process.
You can now see the languages you are allowed to edit, the other available languages for that specific project and their status..

but you can find all the new features: just have a look!  

8. New layout for your projects....

Of course we adopted the new design for the projects page as well ...

and we have included a quick informative box below! And new infos are coming soon for a more complete box!

9. ... and for your pages as well !

How could we forget about pages  

And that is all for the moment... but if you think that this was a big update with cool features, you should wait for the one who is coming      

It will be an amazing update for over 1 million people      

Stay tuned.. we are coming back in the next days!    

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