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Openings for Beta Testers and Translators

Niko | Published on the mon May 15, 2017 6:27 pm | 2287 Views

Hello community,

At TranslationsCloud, we are looking for new and/or experienced beta testers for our translation tool set. 

What does a beta tester do?

They test the product and give a review on it, report bugs, your personal feedbacks/opinions etc. 

We need that type of person now (as many as possible), who is willing to beta test for at least a month (or for a long-terms period) - volunteer-basis - to help us improve translation and communication around the world.

What about translators?

For translators, we need translators perpetually and would appreciate all the help we can get! 

Please note that you will be a translator for our service, NOT for our customers.

we don't have any deadline, but once your translations are ready, we will launch the website in your language!

If you would like to find out more on our tool, see the Features Page and on our main website.

With this, you receive access to potentially new and premium features, a private forum on our support forum to give feedback, and much more. 

Please private message Niko on this support forum.

How do I apply?

The information we need, please:

Thanks for your time and your availability:)

See you soon!

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