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How to create a translation tool ?

Leeloo | Published on the sat Sep 02, 2017 2:56 pm | 1404 Views

Create a free and performing translation tool

Translations Cloud offers free translation tools easy to create, customizable and unlimited.
Explore the features and options available of our hosted translators.


How to create a translator ?

Nothing is easier and faster than running a multilingual website with Translations Cloud, and guess what.. it's completely free! No technical knowledge necessary to build your own international website for free: easy content and language management, intuitive interface, updated software, ... To create a translator in 2 minutes flat, just fill in the form. Follow the instructions to know how to create a free translation tool successfully.

Step 1: General informations

If you are here, it means that you may be interested in our translation management tool. We do not need too many details and we 100% want to keep your privacy; to start, all you need to fill in is your Brand name and an email address. (Do not worry, you will be able to change your brand name at any time)


Step 2: Founder account

With Translations Cloud you can have different agents and administrators, but there can be only one founder. In the second step of the creation process, you need to provide the informations for the "boss" account.

Remember you can change your username at any time and that your founder email address can be different than your brand email.

Step 3: Verification

Our customer security is one of our main thoughts, and this is the reason why we require an email verification. Furthermore, our team may need to contact you if you decide to use our API, and you will always be informed of any action.

If you do not verify your translation tool account, you will not be able to access our features. Only our customer support service will be available for informations and in case of technical problems (impossible to verify your account, ...)

Step 4: Welcome here!

Finally you have verified your Translations Cloud account and you can fully enjoy our features and options. Next step ? Login and start breaking the boundaries !

Any problem or question? Our support forum is at your service.

More about translator creation ?

You can easily start your multilingual website now and customize it thanks to our tutorials and documentation. Don't hesitate to ask questions on the support forum of Translations Cloud or visit our social networks.
Enjoy our free translators with all options and features included!

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