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TranslationsCloud Limits

TranslationsCloud Limits

Hello dear members,

these are the most important limits for our service.

Translations on each account

  • There are no limits at the moment.

Translation team

  • Your username cannot be longer than 20 characters.
  • Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
  • There are no limits on the number of languages for each member.
  • Each member can link only one facebook account.
  • Each member can link only one twitter account.
  • Each member can make 3 login attempts before being locked.
  • Each member can have only one email address (unique).


  • There are no limits at the moment.


  • At the moment, the name of a project can not exceed 50 characters, while the identifier of a project can contain up to 75 characters.


  • At the moment, the lenght of the name of a page cannot exceed 100 characters.
  • The lenght of the description cannot exceed 255 characters.


  • An alias can't be longer than 200 characters
  • There are no significant limits for the content and comment of an alias.
  • The max number of dependencies is determinated for each client, based on its projects.
  • There are no limits at the moment for number of keys in arrays.
    Note that we do suggest not to use more than 20


  • There are no limits at the moment on the number of tickets you can open.

We will try to keep this FAQ updated with the latest limits for our service.

Thanks for your trust.  TranslationsCloud Limits 1f60b

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