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XenForo: Release of a dedicated plugin !

Niko | Published on the thu May 11, 2017 6:50 pm | 3946 Views

After a long long long period of development, TranslationsCloud is proud to announce that we have just released a new dedicated plugin for external forums that will allow site administrators of XenForo forums to create contents in different languages, to have a real international and multilingual forum !

Read our detailed FAQ about the XenForo plugin

Purpose of this plugin

This amazing plugin for your #forum will allow you to

Now, thanks to this plugin you will be able to create multi-lingual topics to allow foreign members to perfectly understand your topics. Thanks to our client area you can submit unlimited translations that you can use later on your own forum.

The result ? It doesn't matter the language of the member, you can provide a translated version for each topic if you want !

How does the XenForo plugin works?

After the Installation of our free plugin (v1.0), on your #XenForo #forum editor, and after some modifications in your control panel you will find a new button:

 that will allow you to include a new dedicated BBcode in your text area.. wow !

In this example, your [alias] BB code variable_name in the topic, will be replaced with the related translation in your translations Cloud client area

It is really simple !

Read our detailed FAQ about the XenForo plugin

We all hope that Xenforo forums members will be proud and happy to have this amazing plugin for their #XenForo forums !

Having a multi-lingual forum is not something for everybody.. but it is something for all XenForo forum-owners now 

Techical team

Note: the feature to detect the correct installation of XenForo plugin will be available in the next weeks. An announcement will be made to inform you all of the update.


See you soon with new updates from TranslationsCloud!

Have a nice day!

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