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descriptionUpdate: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0 EmptyUpdate: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0

Update: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0

Update: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0

Dear customers,

we have just released a new version for our Forumotion plugin : the version 1.1.0 is now available for all of you !

This version is dedicated for all the administrators that are using FA-Edge, the responsive design developed by Ange Tuteur. We noticed that there were some problems with the template modifications for this design, and with the increasing use of it, we decided to adapt our plugin too.

How to update my plugin ?

You can either remove your previous plugin and create a new one, OR you can use our new interface to update your plugins.

You just have to go to Client area > Dashboard > Modules > Plugins and you will see:

  • The release notes with the updates of the latest plugin
  • A new button to update your plugin

You just have to click on the button "Update to X.X.X" and it will be automatically updated  Update: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0 1f60e

Update: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0 Plugin10

Hope that this new version will satisfy a bigger number of forumotion members  Update: Forumotion plugin v1.1.0 1f60b

Have a nice day!

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