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API polices for Translations Cloud services

Last updated : 25/01/2015
Please read Translations Cloud API Terms of Service ("TOS") before using it or accessing it. When agreeing to the present TOS, you recognize that you understand them and have the right to contract in your own name or in the name of the legal entity (natural or legal person with all the dependent entities) for which you give your agreement, in the name defined as “User”.

Translations Cloud reserves the right to ask, at any moment, the proof of your right to contract or to proceed to any verification necessary. The User agrees that Translations Cloud can prevent access to their data in the event the User will not be able to answer the verification requests immediately or in the given deadline.

If you do not have power under the law to contract (in your own name or as a third party representative) or do not accept the present terms, do not agree to these terms nor use Translations Cloud and its related services.

When agreeing to these terms, you also agree that Translations Cloud may modify the present TOS at any moment. Translations Cloud must inform about theses changes in the terms of contract by any means, although displaying the changes on its website is enough to consider the User duly warned, the period before the changes application may not be inferior to 15 (fifteen) days.

All TOS changes implies your agreement, if you do not agree to the modification, you must cease your use or access to Translations Cloud and its related services.
Note that other services offered by Translations Cloud may require agreement to other TOS, licenses, etc….


Translations Cloud offers to User a package of services (“Services”) primarily constituted of an API (Application Programming Interface), a website and an mobile application, which allows access to forums from the mobile application.

License grant

Agreement of the TOS by the User grants access by Translations Cloud to a API license. This license is limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable or transferable, and may not be mistaken for other licenses which could be granted otherwise.

License duration

The license is granted for a indefinite period starting the agreement to these terms or the first use (or first access) to the API, until one of the two parties decided to break the agreement or Translations Cloud suspends the use of this license.


We may suspend your access or use of Translations Cloud API or its services at any moment, for any reason, as well as modify, suspend, interrupt all aspect or your access or use of Translations Cloud or its services unilaterally, without prior notice and without engaging our responsibility towards you. We may also impose limits on certain services or restrain your access to a part or all of Translations Cloud API or its services without prior notice and without engaging our responsibility. When offering new versions of Translations Cloud API (updates) we try to assure backwards compatibility, nonetheless, it may be require of you to use the most recent API version after an update; without upgrading, your license will be suspended.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any moment. The license delivered to the User may be terminated in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation, insolvency, inability to pay its debts or in case of violation, voluntary or not, of these present terms from the moment it becomes known to Translations Cloud. Translations Cloud has the right to terminate this contract at any moment, without prior notice in the event of serious cause or with a 30 (thirty) days' notice for all the other cases, the notice period starting when the decision has been notified by any means (including displayed on the website)

Translations Cloud does not have to provide support , maintenance or personalized services but may provide them at its sole discretion without it creating new obligations included, but not only, disclaimer of warranties or liability, termination conditions or license suspension conditions.
In case of termination, all rights and licenses granted will cease immediately. Rights, duties and obligations of the parties that by their nature will continue and survive termination of this Agreement continue.

Use of services

Translations Cloud API must solely be used to access forums using Translations Cloud services.
The User acknowledges being responsible of their behavior and must act with due diligence (bonus pater familias), that is in a peaceful and reasonable way, the User also acknowledges that, as sole person responsible of the content they publish, their actions may engage Translations Cloud as a publisher and must take caution not to harm the service and accept all the consequences deriving from a misuse of the Services. The User is sole responsible of actions carried out with their authentication information, and thus must be careful to protect them from theft or usurpation.


The user must use the Services solely for appropriate purposes and in compliance with the TOS, the rules stipulated by Translations Cloud and the laws and local regulations they depend from, the User must not harm the service in any way possible. Without any limitations, the following actions are not permitted on our Services:

  • Any action aiming to affect the integrity of Translations Cloud network or its capacity to exchange with the most important number of users (flood, bots, attempt to introduce any person, software or element non expressly authorized in the computer system).
  • Attempt to bypass the protections implemented or exploit software vulnerabilities or material used by the Services.
  • Decompile, disassemble, decrypt, modify, create derivative works of the code of our Services.
  • Any action aiming to pretend to act in Translations Cloud name, as well as any action to denigrate Translations Cloud.
  • Use of our trademark, name, logotypes or any element aiming to pretend to act in Topic its name or suggesting that Translations Cloud approves, supports or promote any other service, product, organization, cause, etc… - without any prior written agreement from Translations Cloud.
  • Use of our Services for non-authorized, illegal activity or more generally in violation with any law, regulation or agreement.
  • Remove any security or copyright components which are part of the service or the data exchanged.
  • Use of Translations Cloud API or the Services for any other use that the one for which they have been created and developed by Translations Cloud, as well as the use of all or any part of our services outside of Translations Cloud ecosystem is strictly prohibited, especially if it is competitor products or services.
  • Make available resources or links to resources prone to copyrights if you do not have the required rights to do so.
  • Any action or publication of any illegal or prejudicial content or reprehensible by law (such as: apologia for terrorism, advocacy of hatred, pedophilia, defamation, identity theft, etc…), inadequate or obscene contact (such as: advertising messages, nudity, etc….).
  • Extract data
  • Degrade data sent to the API (as information in headers or necessary to communication between servers).

Intellectual property

Translations Cloud owns every intellectual property rights on the API including, but not exclusively, on the code itself, the outputs and methods. Agreement to the present terms grants you no right direct or indirect, nor any participation on this intellectual property owned and licensed by Translations Cloud, including (but not limited to) the website, the API, the application, the plugins and also our trademarks.

When accessing the API, you undertake to respect the laws relative to copyright for all the parties.
We would appreciate that you display a message (if possible, linking to our site) to promote positively our Service, and therefore we make available graphic resources at your disposal, when using them you agree not to divert from the usage they were made for and to use them without making any modification (you can resize them, but not modify them).

Marketing relations

We may appreciate promoting your forum, on our website, if so we would contact you by email, on the address associated to your account, in order to ask your agreement beforehand, without reply in the three following days we will consider your agreement to be tacit. If you are opposed to your forum to be featured by Translations Cloud (of any other representation, name or logo for instance) or to its conditions, we ask you not to agree to this present terms.
For all communication on Translations Cloud and more particularly the communication related to press releases or reply to demands from media are subject to a written agreement from Translations Cloud before any public diffusion.

Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability

The Services and all information or content provided by Translations Cloud are provided “as such” and “in state” unless an agreement explicitly concluded between the parties specifies that other conditions may cancelled the ones mentioned above.

Translations Cloud does not express any form of assertion nor warranty, explicit or implicit, regarding the accuracy or the completeness of content, Services or products.
You expressly agree to use the Services at your own risk.
Translations Cloud excludes all warranty related to the content and Services and cannot be held responsible for any damages nor any loss resulting in the use of the content or Services. Despite all the care provided, we cannot technically guarantee the absence of malware or any other potentially harmful content on our servers or into the content send from them (including emails), for all consequences which may come out of this risk, we exclude all well all warranty.

Laws and jurisdiction

Certain local laws or rules may make some or all of the limitations specified above illegal, should you be concerned by a conflict between the laws applicable to you and our terms, we ask you:

  • not to agree to the terms if you have not already
  • not to access or use our Services or our content if you had already agreed to the terms and that the law changed afterward or that you wish to deprive yourself of a part of your rights and that law authorize you to do so.
  • to contact us by means of the contact details specified in our TOS, so we can examine with you the most adequate response to this legal issue.

Given the nature of the conversations and in particular of their de-materialization, the parties agree that the whole of the computer records into Translations Cloud information system will, in case of litigation, serve as proof.

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