My Language is Not in the List: Is it Supported?

Hello community,

You may find that your language is not in our Languages List .

As all the translations are made manually, if we can't find a translator for a specific language we cannot provide a website version for that language. If you are willing to help us in our project, and you want to help us with translations in your own languages... contact a member of team!

I can't manage the translations for my website in X language, and I can't manage translations. Why?
If you can't find a language on the official list, this means we haven't included it yet.
The only thing you have to do is asking our team to release it  My Language is Unavailable: Is it Supported? 1f600

Open a topic or contact our team, we will create a file for the new language in the blink of an eye  My Language is Unavailable: Is it Supported? 1f61c