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descriptionI received a warning, what to do? EmptyI received a warning, what to do?

I received a warning, what to do?

I received a warning, what to do?

Hello dear members,

if you are reading this FAQ it is because it may happen that you received a warning on your client account. I received a warning, what to do? 1f62a
Please note that there are three different warning: ban warning, service warning and spam warning.

Service warning

If you receive this kind of warning, don't worry! You will be able to use your service as before but there is something wrong with the use you are doing of it, or there are other reasons.
Usually these reasons are explained in the warning. Of course, you are free to open a ticket or contact our support on this forum to get more informations on your problem.. or just to discuss. I received a warning, what to do? 1f607

A service warning looks like this


Translations Cloud team


We are sorry, but you have received a warning.
For any further information, or if you are not sure and you think it is a mistake, open a ticket or contact our Support forum


Content here


It should be okay now


Ban warning

If you received a ban warning, well, this is more serious.
All your access to the service has been locked and you will be able to access only the ticket HelpDesk and the support forum. We rarely adopt this measure, and this is why you will not find any explanation in the warning. All your agents will see the same message and nobody will be able to access your client area.

Note, only the management and technical team have the power to act on a ban, so.. don't bother our helpers with your unban requests

A ban warning looks like this:

Banned from the service

Oops! It seems that you have been banned from our service. Any of your agents will be able to login anymore.
If you think this is an error, you can send us a report from our support tickets service.

Feel free to contact our Support forum for more informations about this.

Spam warning

The last type of warning is a spam warning. Actually there are three different spam: by IP, username and email address.

A spam warning is like the following

Message from the service

Oops! It seems that our security tool detected your username as dangerous.
Do not worry, we are working on this to analyze if this is an error.. Otherwise, you can contact us.

Message from our team: this is the reason you will see

Note: a spam warning may include a comment about the reason of the spam warning.

I received a warning, what to do? 1f47f We take spam reall seriously and this is why a spam warning is similar to a ban warning: you will not be able to use your client area, but the other members will.

In this case, we have a detailed FAQ topic about spam warning.

Have a nice day!

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