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descriptionI can't login my client area EmptyI can't login my client area

I can't login my client area

I can't login my client area

Hello dear members,

if you can't login your client area, there are different reasons.

Case 1: You don't have an account

Of course our service is reserved to registered members only, this is why you can't login with a valid ID/password.

Case 2: You sign-up in the forum

Sadly, our support forum is hosted under another service. This means that your ID/password for the support forum will be valid only for the support forum. If you want an ID/password for your client area, you need to ask your founder or you need to create a client account from our website (Create a translation tool now ).

Case 3: Your founder or administrators has removed your account

Administrators have the power of de-activating an account. If your account has been disabled, you will not be able to login anymore.

Case 4: You have reached the max number of attempts

We really care about your security. For this reason, if you try to login for 3 times with wrong ID/password, your account will be locked.

Note that your administrator cannot do anything; the only way to solve the problem is contacting a member of the Management/Technical team on this support forum.
You will have to send a private message to one member of these teams with the following informations:
  • Brand ID or Brand Name
  • Your username in your client account
  • Your personal email address linked to your account

Once your account will be unlocked, our team will reply to your private message I can't login my client area 1f60b

Have a nice day!

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