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descriptionCreate a new project EmptyCreate a new project

Create a new project

Create a new project

Hello members,

in this FAQ we will explain how to create a new project in your translation tool Create a new project 1f60a

What is a project ?

A project is a special category for your translations and you can create unlimited alias for each category.
Thanks to this structure, you will be able to manage your translations for different projects easily; let's say you have a project called front_side and another one called admin_side.

In front_side you will save all the translations related to your website, articles, etc.. On the other hand, admin_side will contain the alias for your reserved area.

How to create a new project ?

It is really easy.
Logged in as administrator, you need to go to Management > Your projects

Create a new project Projects_menu

Once there, click on New project and a new page will appear with some informations you should provide.

  • Name
    This is the public name that you and the other translators will see, it can be whatever you want.

  • Identifier
    An Identifier is a special string that will allow our service to detect your projects. It is really important and it must be unique

  • Short description
    This is optional for you and the other administrators.

  • Status
    You can choose between secret project and public project. The first one, will be visible only for you and the other admins, while a public project is available for all your agents.

I can't add a new project

To prevent an abuse of our service, there is a limit on the amount of projects you can have. If you need any more, you can contact our support team explaining your reasons.

A warning like the following will appear

Create a new project Projects_max

Once created, a list of your projects will be available in the same page.

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