Rules for General Talk Forum
Please observe the following guidelines in the General Talk forum to avoid controversial or adverse discussions:

  1. Anything that meets controversial is not allowed: Religion, science (except computer and translation sciences), politics, rude humor, adult content (sex, drugs, etc), and anything else that may be considered offensive. Anything considerably offensive will be deleted or trashed without notice. This forum does not support controversial topics; however, if there is ever a time that we will, we may set up a specific section on the site that is to be for such topics only - and even then, you  would have to be as civil as possible.
  2. Light topics only... we're looking to chat about everyday life, what we're interested in, maybe a forum game or two, etc.
  3. No Support Here. If you are going to post a support question or want to put in a request/suggestion, please use the proper forum. Posting it here will delay the amount of time you are helped. If posted in the proper forum, it will be helped quicker by the proper staff.
  4. It is generally good to be kind, not pushy, and to try to get along with many to most people here. We are human, we are beloved by many I am sure; however, jealousy, strife, and other divisions will only cause problems, to which infractions or other punishments will be served for breaking the forum rules.
  5. In general, think before you post. If you think something may be outside of these guidelines, then don't post it. If anything, ask a moderator if it is okay before posting. If a moderator or administrator steps in to redirect the subject, please do not go back to the way the discussion was going before the moderator or administrator changed it. We have staff here to ensure the flow of customer support, our services, and to generally manage the forums so they run smooth. Do not wear out your welcome by breaking the rules! For any questions, PM a member of the staff for quick results.