How to Ask a Good Question
Hello Everyone,

I learned this while taking a course and have adored it ever since. It's how to ask a good question, some of you must be thinking "Is this guy serious?" Well yes, I am. I believe this can be a great tool for you and the answerer figure out the question as easy and fast as possible. This can also help you figure out the question yourself!

If you look around you can find a lot of questions like; I keep getting this error, how do I fix? This is considered a bad question. Because it's not giving anyone any information about your question. Below is how you ask a good question:

Thread Title: (Be as descriptive as possible while keeping it short as possible)
Explain the problem. Try to keep it brief
Observed: explain what is observed what you are seeing. (Always Provide Images/screenshots)
Desired: explain what you expect or desire.
Steps to reproduce: What did you do to get to this problem.
Good Information: The version of your browser/phone etc.
Steps tried: (try at least 3 things before posting)


Thread Title: My ball won't bounce on a rug
Explain the problem: I tried dropping the ball on the rug and it won't bounce, I've tried throwing it but just rolls.
Ball rolls on when it touches the soft surface. (Provides fake pictures)
Desired: I want the ball to bounce in the air when it hits the rug.
Good Information: Ball is made out of bean bags.
Steps tried:
I tried throwing it
I tried hopping beside it
I tried getting my friend to hop with me