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descriptionHow to make a good suggestion EmptyHow to make a good suggestion

How to make a good suggestion

How to make a good suggestion


In this forum, you will be able to express yourself and to give ideas to make your forum(s) better. Here is some advice in posting good suggestions.

Proposition of a suggestion

  • Your suggestion must be detailed. Clearly explain why your suggestion is interesting to us. Please note that this section is only for suggestions for our services, not for this support forum. Don't forget to use an explicit title. How to make a good suggestion Icon_smile

  • Please do a search before posting to see if a topic with the same or similar suggestion exists already.

  • You must add a poll to allow the other members to express their opinion. (The poll option is available when you create a topic, under the textarea)

  • The multiple choice option must not be activated in the poll. Just add two options : "Yes" and "No"   How to make a good suggestion 1f60a 

How are these suggestions accepted?

The team will frequently read this section's topics to see what suggestion interests you. If an improvement can be added quickly, they will discuss about it and do it as soon as possible.

Behaviour to avoid

Everyone should have the right to express him/herself in good conditions and in a good atmosphere. If you wish to justify your vote, you may do so. Finally, please respect the different opinions of other members and don't be aggressive.

If these rules are not respected, your topic will be locked.

Thanks for your help and trust!  How to make a good suggestion 1f600

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