How to Submit a Problem with the Website
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Please acknowledge the following guidelines for submitting a problem with our website to help expedite the process and escalate your request to the proper technician or administrator:

  • Title of problem (required)
  • Where on the website (required)? Homepage, sub-page, translator tool, or forums?
  • Date first noticed (optional)
  • Times you were able to reproduce the problem (optional)(this means how many times your were able to cause the problem to occur - e.g. testing to see if the problem happens more than once)
  • Description of the problem (required)
  • Have you done any of the following (optional): Cleared cache, cleared cookies, used a different browser (and if you used a different browser, how many times did you reproduce it on each browser, place this info in parentheses), and/or anything else pertinent to the problem.
  • Level of problem (optional): Level 1 (lowest/common), Level 2 (medium/problematic), Level 3 (Highest/Severe).

Thanks for your report!